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Find cheap flights from Doha to Bodrum at in just 5 minutes. On the site you can compare flight prices on this route, buy airline tickets costing from AED 1 169 and see the aircraft schedule.


The cheapest flight ticket from Doha to Bodrum was found 4 days ago. Its one way cost starts from 1 169 AED, the departure date is 31 December 2022. The minimum price for a round trip flight starts from 2 518 AED. This flight fare was found 3 days ago, with the following departure dates: Doha on 31 December 2022 year, and back from Bodrum on 06 January 2023 year.

Plane tickets from Doha to Bodrum, one way

The table shows the prices of direct flight plane tickets to Bodrum from Doha. If you find an interesting air travel offer, do not delay your purchase, last minute offers run out very quickly.

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31.12.2022 Saturday
1 178 AED OneTwoTrip
Economy Found 2022-11-20
1 Stopover 7 hours 35 min
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31.12.2022 Saturday
1 372 AED Aviakassa
Economy Found 2022-11-20
3 Stopovers 29 hours 10 min
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31.12.2022 Saturday
1 381 AED
Economy Found 2022-11-20
2 Stopovers 41 hours 10 min
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Best Flights: Doha to Bodrum and back

The cost of a round trip flight on the Doha - Bodrum (Turkey) route. The cheapest ticket was purchased 3 days ago, its price was from 2 518 AED. It flies to Bodrum on 31 December 2022 year and returns to Doha on 06 January 2023 year.

Sort by: Departure dateCheap flightsTrip timeDirect flights
Pegasus Airlines PC 601 Evening flight
Departure 22.12.22 23:00, Th
1 Stopover Trip 7 days
Return 29.12.22 17:45, Th
Pegasus Airlines PC 601 Evening flight
Departure 23.12.22 23:00, Fr
1 Stopover Trip 7 days
Return 30.12.22 17:45, Fr
Pegasus Airlines PC 615 Evening flight
Departure 21.06.23 22:50, We
1 Stopover Trip 5 days
Return 27.06.23 03:55, Tu

*Prices include: baggage, hand luggage, airline fees and charges.

Flight Schedule Doha to Bodrum 2022

The current flight schedule for the route from Doha to Bodrum for today, tomorrow and the next few days. This schedule will help you decide on the time of departure and arrival, the airline, the flight number and the day of the week.

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Flight information

It takes 04:01 minutes to fly from Doha to Bodrum excluding transfers. The distance between the cities is 2618 km or 1626 miles. The earliest morning plane from Doha leaves for Bodrum at 07:15. And the latest evening flight departs at 07:15.


Non-stop flight time

04:01 min



1626 mi

The earliest flight

The earliest flight


The latest flight

The latest flight



The fastest flight


The fastest Doha - Bodrum flight ticket is provided by Qatar Airways, the flight number is QR 317. It is in the air for 04:40 mins, departing from Hamad at 07:15 and arriving at 11:55 in Milas-Bodrum Airport. This flight is carried out on a modern Airbus A320 airliner.


Direct flight

There are 1 airlines that fly directly from Doha to Bodrum. The most popular company carrying out non-stop flights is Qatar Airways.

  • Qatar Airways: QR 317

*Flight number

Flights with Transfers

Flights with transfers from Doha to Bodrum can be bought from 3 airlines:

  • Qatar Airways: Istanbul
  • Pegasus Airlines: Istanbul
  • Turkish Airlines: Istanbul

*Transit cities


Airfare from airports. In Doha, 1 airports serve all air communications with Bodrum. Airplanes arrive at 1 airport in Bodrum.

Doha airports:

Hamad  ~ 1 km* from 868 aed

Bodrum airports:

Milas-Bodrum Airport  ~ 1 km* from 868 aed

*Distance from the airport to the city center


2 aircraft models from 1 airlines fly on the Doha - Bodrum route. The fastest airliner is the Airbus A320, from the company Qatar Airways.

  • Airbus A320
  • Airbus A321

Connecting cities

The list of cities on transfer flights from Doha to Bodrum. The best options are to fly through: Istanbul.

Cheap airline tickets from Doha to Turkey

Here is a list of flights from Doha to Turkey purchased on in the past 48 hours. If you find an interesting offer for cheap tickets, do not delay your purchase, prices change every 15 minutes.

Doha - Istanbul TK 781 Turkish Airlines Airbus A321
02:15 Hamad
in a way 4 hours 20 min Direct
06:35 Istanbul New Airport
655 AED
22 March 2023
Doha - Antalya QR 315 Qatar Airways Airbus A319
07:05 Hamad
in a way 4 hours 25 min Direct
11:30 Antalya Airport
952 AED
28 February 2023
Doha - Izmir QR 347 Qatar Airways Airbus A320
07:00 Hamad
in a way 4 hours 40 min Direct
11:40 Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport
975 AED
28 January 2023
Doha - Dalaman QR 241 Qatar Airways Airbus A320
11:35 Hamad
in a way 8 hours 15 min 1 Stopover
19:50 Dalaman Airport
1 398 AED
01 December 2022
Doha - Ankara QR 313 Qatar Airways Airbus A330-300
06:55 Hamad
in a way 4 hours 0 min Direct
10:55 Esenboga
1 384 AED
01 December 2022

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Flights from Qatar to Bodrum

Here are the cheapest flight bookings from Qatar to Bodrum made by users of our website. If you didn’t find your flight destination, use the search bar at the top of the page.

Doha - Bodrum QR 317 Qatar Airways Airbus A320
07:15 Hamad
in a way 4 hours 40 min Direct
11:55 Milas-Bodrum Airport
1 169 AED
31 December 2022

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Frequently asked question

How much does a plane ticket from Doha to Bodrum cost?

The cost of the cheapest one-way flight from Doha to Bodrum starts from 1 169 AED. The departure date of that flight is 31 December 2022.

Round trip costs start from 2 518 AED, with the departure date there being on 31 December 2022 year, and back on 06 January 2023 year.

Which airlines fly on the Doha - Bodrum route?

There are 1 airlines flying directly from Doha to Bodrum: Qatar Airways

And 3 airlines fly with transfers: Qatar Airways, Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines

How long does it take to fly from Doha to Bodrum?

The flight time from Doha to Bodrum averages 04:01 mins.

Which planes fly to Bodrum from Doha?

2 aircraft models fly from Doha to Bodrum, overcoming 1626 miles in an average of 04:01 mins. The fastest aircraft on this route is Airbus A320 from Qatar Airways, it flies for 04:40 min.

  • Airbus A320
  • Airbus A321

Tips for buying a ticket

Doha – Bodrum – Doha round-trip route are always cheaper than tickets purchased there and back separately.

Cheap flights from Doha to Bodrum

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